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Board of European Students of Technology

BEST-Estonia is one of 83 groups representing Europe’s technology students and the only one in Estonia. We are one of the biggest and strongest groups in the BEST network.


The role and objective of our organization is to give additional skills for a TalTech student, who mostly gets theoretical knowlegde from their studying. Students will have a wide network and a perfect environment to learn and acquire new skills:

  • Step out of comfort zone in an international setting;
  • Get to know other students with different skill sets;
  • Develop personal skills by taking part in our courses;
  • Experience the international side of our organization;
  • Explore other cultures by using our network all across Europe.

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Our Values

International BEST

BEST was founded in 1989 in Berlin with the objective of developing communication and collaboration between technology students on an international level. Since then BEST has fast grown in members and locally organised events. By now BEST unites students from over 80 universities in more than 30 European countries.

Our objective and activities have remained quite unchanged over the years but our organisation is constantly evolving and finding new outlets and ways that BEST would fulfill its function even better. One big step in the history of BEST is definitely the organizing of seasonal courses.

BEST started doing summer courses in 1991 and their popularity hasn’t stopped. By now courses are happening every season – autumn, winter, spring and summer. The courses give students the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and enrich their student life by meeting different cultures and creating new connections all over Europe.

The idea of engineering competitions was brought to Europe in 2002. In more than fifteen years, the engineering competitions have grown and developed into the EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) pyramid. Students from more than 80 European universities take part in the competitions.

Besides BEST courses and EBEC, BEST organises BEST Symposia on Education (BSE) among other different educational event and trainings to develop their members. BEST also helps students take part in all kinds of career fairs, educational forums and student festivals, that are organised by our partner organisations like bonding, CFES, AEGEE, EESTEC and, ESTIEM. The main priority of BEST is to offer European technology students high quality services by connecting the university, students and companies.

BEST and Companies


Cooperating and participating in BEST-Estonia’s projects gives companies the opportunity to directly get in touch with students. Over the years we have successfully brought students and companies together within projects, such as engineering competition Enginaator and career fair Võti Tulevikku.


BEST gives the possibility to cooperate and communicate with TalTech easier. BEST-Estonia was founded in 1991 and has great connections with all faculties. Thus there is always a way to organize smaller and bigger events in TalTech.


BEST-Estonia has developed a strong workgroup, which engages in marketing. It’s goal is to advertise our projects and companies, who are participating or cooperating with our projects. Working together with us gives an amazing opportunity to make a company visible and attractive.

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