Board of European Students of Technology

BEST-Estonia organizes roughly 20 bigger and smaller projects. Some target only our members but most of them are directed to university students.
All of our projects give our members skills, which can be applied later on in the job market. Those skills include project management, delegation, sales, marketing and much more.
Want to participate in project organization? Join us!
Enginaator logo

Enginaator is an nation-wide engineering competition where students, high school students and students of vocational schools meet to take part in solving tasks from different fields.

Võti Tulevikku logo

Võti Tulevikku is the annual spring career event, which creates the best opportunities for communication between students and companies.

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BEST organises different activities where university students get the chance to broaden their skills and knowledge in many areas, including their own fields of study, learning english and make international contacts.

BEST is an international organization, whose goal is to develop students and change the world! Thus many international events are organized, to keep BEST going!

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